Trips for Kids Denver Metro is comprised of four programs, our Youth-at-Work program, the Ride Program and Earn a Bike Programs as well as our social enterprise,  Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery.

Our signature program, the Ride Program offers introductory mountain biking experiences to underserved youth that would otherwise not afford the experience.  Partnering with numerous youth agencies in the Denver and Boulder area, TFKDM provides fun-filled, daylong mountain bike outings for small groups of children aged 10 and up.

The Earn a Bike Program takes place over the course of 6-12 sessions and provide youth participants opportunities to learn fundamental bike maintenance skills, while earning the opportunity to keep their bicycles.

Our Youth at Work Program started in the summer of 2015. This program provides high school youth with supervised, hands-on work experience at our full service bike shop. Last year, 4 disadvantaged youth who had previously participated in our programming were hired as part-time employees during the summer months and 6 youth with special needs earned classroom credit for their work for us during the school year.  Stay tuned for updates and pictures of our Youth at Work program.

In addition to our youth programs, Trips for Kids Denver Metro launched our own mission driven, community bike shop, Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery. This venture is allowing TFKDM to connect children, youth and families to affordable bicycle solutions that keep the whole family rolling.