“I usually give up when things get too hard, but this time I finished.” Ride at Elk Meadow

“I never realized I could do something this difficult and finish.”

“I’m soo sore, but I’m glad I did it because I never thought I could do something like that.”

“I loved being in the mountains. That was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.”

“I’ve been on three rides with Trips for Kids. They’re so fun and really challenging.  Getting out on these rides makes being locked up tolerable.  I can’t wait to get a bike when I’m back on my feet,”  18 year old male from a youth detention center.



Quotes from Agency Staff

“TFKDM rides are the most popular event of the summer. I’m always amazed at the kids who seemed to struggle so much on a ride…they’re the first ones to ask about going again! There’s something special about the way the TFKDM staff works with our kids that allows them to take risks and also not be scared about doing so. Kids are never judged for their ability level, and there is always room for every ability. This has allowed our students to bond with each other as well, as no one is left out.”

“We have taken three groups of youth up who some have never left the city limits, let alone mountain bike well on trails that are not lined by pavement. All of our participants have learned a great deal not only about how to mountain bike, but also about themselves and the environment.”

“The kids said this was the best off grounds trip they’ve been on. One youth said, ‘It was even better than Elitches.'”

“…[Earn-a-Bike] attracts many students who have had difficulty in school or who have had trouble in the broader community. [The program] helped youth find positive outlets for their energy….[and] gave them a sense of belonging and purpose…several [youth] have secured internships at local bike shops.”