Earn a Bike Program

A07D8878-X2The TFKDM “Earn a Bike ” program teaches children (ages 10 and up) basic bike maintenance skills and to promote safe, regular cycling in their own urban neighborhoods.  Partnering with local agencies, club members meet once a week, to learn bicycle maintenance skills, starting with the basics and finally working up to more complex concepts to keeping their bike rolling.  In addition to learning the mechanics of bicycles, the club also offers several sessions that teach bike safety in urban areas.

At the end of the six to eight-week session, students who have completed this program get to keep their bicycle and receive a helmet, lock and tool kit.  Similar to the Ride programs, the bike club has curriculum woven into each day that promotes positive interactions with peers and adult role models, plus problem solving skills, In all our programs, as well as content that promotes healthy living and environmental stewardship.

The bike club empowers under served youth by providing access to free, healthy transportation around the city for those that need it.

Are you a school, after school program, club or group that is interested in an Earn a Bike Program?  To learn more or to schedule an Earn a Bike, contact T Satchwell by clicking here. 

You can find available dates by viewing our Agency Calendar.

To learn more about how to volunteer for Earn a Bike, click here.