March 2012 Newsletter

Trips for Kids: March 2012

Building Healthy Confident Kids Two Wheels at a Time

Dear Andrew,

It is amazing how in the blink of an eye another month can go by and it is time to give a new update as to what is happening in the land of Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder. With that being said, March has not proven to be an uneventful month at all!


So far, Mother Nature has been good to us and given us some beautiful warm days to melt the trails and dust off the bicycles that have been hibernating all winter long. As a newcomer to Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder, even I got to get out on a ride with a group for my first TFKD/B ride and boy was it fun. It was a great day one and awesome to see a crew of smiling faces.


As you likely already know, we don’t need springtime and warm weather to be here for big things to happen here at Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder, in fact March and April might be some of the busiest months on the calendar. So far we have been busy getting bikes ready for our first bike shop sale that went off without a hitch on 3/24, and busy running Earn a Bike Programs at many of our favorite locations. Finally just 2-weeks ago with our first ride of the season, this has launched the Ride Program once again.


It really is an exciting time of year and we are looking for dedicated volunteers to help us this spring and summer to keep our programs well supported and the wheels rolling. To see our calendar of opportunities click here, or read more about it down below.



Christi Stafford

Executive Director

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We have a new Website!

Check out our new website!

If you haven’t visited our website recently, it has undergone a bit of a facelift.  Why is this worth mentioning?  Well, for starters, change is good and in this case, change has made it easier for you to see what is happening at Trips for Kids and easier to sign up for volunteer opportunities.  Check out our new site, tool around, you might learn something new! Click here for quick easy access!

From the handlebars of Andy

The best seat in the house.

Hi Ho, Andy here! As Christi mentioned,  our programs have already gotten started for the year. We’ve been holding more Earn a Bike Programs than ever  before with four partnering sites. Denver School of Science & Technology, cityWILD, Savio House and Casey Middle School.  There will even be another one starting up for 6 weeks early in April. These groups have been excellent.


We also held an after School ride already on the South Platte bike path with cityWILD and Christi joined in on the fun.

At the end of March we hosted our first shop sale of the season for used bikes and new Pearl Izumi gear and it was a successful day to start of the year.   We’ll have many more of these in 2012, including our next one on April 14th. We sell gently used bikes for tykes and classic mountain bikes for adults too. Once in a while we have something special that gets donated. Right now we have a very clean “Phat Bikes” cruiser tandem singlespeed and a shiny, almost new black Surly Karate Monkey 29er singlespeed frame/fork size small.


I’m headed to Fruita this weekend with 14 high energy middle schoolers for our annual Spring 4-day bike and camp trip. This starts off 9 days of Earn a Bike and Ride programming in a row, a short break, and then 6 more days! Whew!!
My last bit of news, with all the exciting things that we have going on around here, we are excited to begin training a few folks to help lead rides and spread the love.  I turned 39 this month and am ready to share the load with some new young blood.  What all this means is, more
Earn a Bikes and more Rides and more kids on bikes!  Over and Out!
Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities 

Something for everyone, take a peak.

Rather than list every single volunteer opportunity coming up in April, I am gonna tell you to click here and you will be directed to our April Calendar that will show you all you have to choose from. There really is something going on nearly every single day of the month. So, when we say there is something for everyone, we really mean it!  Take your pick between Earn a Bike, Ride days, special events, Sales and we need your help to make it a success.

Help us reach our goals by supporting and getting two or more volunteers to programs.

Check out our April Calendar!

Check out what’s happening in April

Lot’s of ways to get and stay connected to Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder.

TFKD/B 1st Annual Friendraiser – Wednesday (4/11/12 6-8pm) – Please join us! Bring a friend (or several) to our first ever Friendraiser, at The Denver Bicycle Cafe!  What is a Friendraiser you might ask?? Well, it is a great opportunity to network, mingle, and meet other people involved with Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder while introducing someone new to the exciting world of biking with underserved youth.  Find new people to ride with, learn about all the exciting things Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder is up to in 2012 and help us get more people involved!! You don’t have to RSVP to come, but it’s always helpful. Click here to RSVP. 



Bike Shop Sales – Saturday (4/14/12 9-1pm) – Are you (or somebody you know) in the market for a kids bike, commuter, or basic mountain bike? Come check out our Bike Shop Sale!  Thanks to generous donors, we have a healthy collection of dusty not rusty bicycles that we are able to sell for very low costs and even new Pearl Izumi apparel.  This is a great way to get kids connected to affordable bikes and those just looking to get into the fun of riding bicycles and all the proceeds form these days go directly back to our youth programs.  If you want to learn more about our Bike Shop Sales or if you want to volunteer to help out at a Shop Sale, click here.


Chips 4 Kidsm (a benefit for TFKD/B) – Saturday (4/28/12 7pm-12am) – Get ready for the social event of the year. For your entry donation of $35 ($40 at the door),  you get to gamble for free at professional tables with real dealers. Don’t know how to gamble? Never played Craps or Let-it-Ride? Perfect, there’s no better way to learn than with all your friends at a fun event like this. To register for the event,click here.  If you are interested in volunteering for the Chips 4 Kids event,click here.

Moustache Madness 2012

A very special thank you to the 97 growers who participated this year!


Also, thank you to the following businesses:

Pearl Izumi
CorePower Yoga
Boa Technology
American Residential Communities
Currently, votes are being tallied for the following “best of” categories:

Best Classic Moustache
Most Creative MoustacheCreepiest Moustache
Lamest MoustacheBest Hairless Moustache
Best Pet ‘Stache (just added)



Volunteer Hero

Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder is only successful, thanks to the tireless work of our volunteers. Every month in 2012, we will feature a volunteer who has helped make our programs a success!

Gavin MacFarlane is our March Volunteer Hero!

Gavin has been volunteering with TFKD/B for several years. As an avid mountain biker, when his buddy told him he could challenge himself in new ways on the mountain bike trails he was in. Gavin’s friend was talking about volunteering with Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder and taking a group of kids out for a day.


As a pilot with an unpredictable schedule, Gavin couldn’t make his schedule work back then with when the Ride program was running, but he got involved in the Earn a Bike program working with Urban Peak and fixing bikes at the shop on other days and he was hooked.


Gavin says that his work behind the scenes and past work in EAB is a perfect fit for him. He gets to tap into his bike skills and meet all sorts of great people while he is doing it. Gavin says the most rewarding part is knowing that the bikes he is fixing are going to good homes. Whether they be needed repairs on a program bike, or getting a bike tuned up to go to a bike sale, he is encouraged to know he might be creating a future biker for life.


When asked to think back to his most memorable time volunteering with Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder, he recalled a particularly chilly fall day when he and a crew of other volunteers were working hard getting bikes ready for the final bike shop sale of the year. The garage door was open and it was snowing like crazy, but in that one brief moment, time stood still.   The team had found their groove and a camaraderie was created that couldn’t be matched.


Gavin’s parting words of advice for anyone thinking of volunteering is to tell people, TFKD/B is not like other volunteer opportunities. You don’t have to be an expert or be in the position to make long-term commitments. Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder will work with you to find an opportunity that works. He says if you can change a tire, you can change a life.


Thank you Gavin for all your hard work, you are making a big difference!
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If volunteering on a ride doesn’t fit your schedule, or just isn’t your thing, consider making a donation that will help keep the wheels rolling!