Maria, Maria: From Introspective Intern to Shop Superstar

20141001_175944On any given day, if you wander into the Lucky Bikes Recyclery,  you may come into a bustle of bicycle business and background noise of eager youth volunteering or you may encounter the eye of the storm – a rare, silent moment on the shop floor. Either way, you are likely to come eye to eye with Maria.
You wouldn’t tell by her disarming smile that she touts a brown belt in Karate, or that she is as fast (or faster) than other youth volunteers on shop bike rides – but she is, and she means business. Maria came to us late last Spring as a school assigned intern from the STRIVE program here in southwest Denver. After her internship ended, she was hooked on the community at Lucky Bikes, and now is a regular fixture here at the shop.
She is most commonly found (wo)manning the cash register, doing merchandising around the shop and is equally capable changing flat tires and wrenching on bikes. However, she is more famously known for a single sale of five bicycles to one customer – a “five birds with
Maria (in the Batman shirt) getting ready to rip on a recent shop ride.
one stone” salesperson, if you will. She confidently approaches potential customers in both English and Spanish, connecting them with their bicycle related needs. Customer service is definitely her gift!
Maria says she loves being at Lucky Bikes for a number of reasons  – it feels like a home away from home, with good company and a fun atmosphere. And we love having her around – she’s such a positive role model for the youth and adults in the shop and she knows her way around the computer system better than some staff! Maria doesn’t expect anything in return for her work – she gives back because it feels right. We sure feel lucky to have someone as talented and selfless as Maria as part of our team!