Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder Receives Challenge Grant of $10,000

Trips for Kids National lends a helping hand after Denver/Boulder Chapter Executive Director suffers mountain bike accident

DENVER – A $10,000 Challenge Grant was announced for the Trips for Kids™ Denver/Boulder (TFK D/B) chapter as tribute to local Executive Director Andrew Goodwillie who sustained a serious head trauma while mountain biking. Trips for Kids National is contributing the grant to provide support while Goodwillie recovers.

TFK D/B provides mountain biking and environmental awareness programs to underserved youth. On July 30, Goodwillie was riding in the top five of a mountain bike race when he crashed, was airlifted to Denver Health and admitted to the ICU. Within 24-hours of the accident he was already showing his strength and determination to recover and has made steady progress each day.

While Goodwillie is focused on the long recovery ahead, he remains committed to keeping the Trips for Kids chapter going and making sure that underserved kids get to experience mountain bike adventures. Trips for Kids National is supporting Goodwillie’s recovery and Trips for Kids™ Denver/Boulder with a generous challenge grant of $10,000.

“We are incredibly grateful for this support and will continue taking kids on mountain bike adventures and provide them with exciting opportunities to experience their environment and build self-confidence,” said Andy Brannon, Program Manager, TFK D/B.

Brannon will lead more than 40 youth on four mountain bike rides this week alone in the foothills of Jefferson County and Boulder. TFK D/B staff and volunteers take over 1,000 kids on mountain bike rides through Colorado’s mountains each year. The organization expects to meet or exceed those numbers this year and leverage this challenge grant to sustain its signature ride program and to continue building the winter Earn-A-Bike club.

“We have been truly overwhelmed by the wonderful outpouring of support from friends and family and it is so important to us that Trips for Kids will continue to thrive and grow while Andrew is concentrating on his recovery,” said Catherine Goodwillie, Andrew’s wife and TFK D/B board member. “Trips for Kids National’s amazing $10,000 challenge grant will provide critical funding to maintain and develop TFK D/B’s programs. Andrew will keep working until he is out riding with the kids again.”

About Trips for Kids

Trips for Kids™ National is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Marin County, California. Trips for Kids™ (TFK) started in 1988 as a grass roots effort by avid mountain biker, environmentalist, and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee, Marilyn Price. TFK programs give underserved youth a chance to experience the joy and challenge of mountain biking, while learning valuable life skills and an appreciation for the outdoors. There are currently 75 Trips for Kids™ chapters across the United States, Israel and Canada, with more on the way. For more information, visit or call Marilyn Price at 415.458.2986.

Trips for Kids™ Denver/Boulder (TFKD/B) is a non-profit organization that provides cycling based programs that build health and boost the confidence of underserved urban youth. Participants are exposed to a positive, fun outdoor experience, while being taught valuable lessons about healthy life-choices, environmental awareness and creating positive self esteem. By partnering with numerous youth agencies in Metro Denver and Boulder, TFKD/B strives to make an unquestionable difference in the lives of children by opening their minds to new possibilities beyond the scope of their current setting. TFKD/B is organized under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is operated exclusively for charitable and
educational purposes. Contributions are 100% tax deductible. For additional information, visit

Marilyn Price, Trips for Kids™, 415.458.2986,, or Chip Smith, SOAR Communications, 801.523.3730(wk) / 801.597.7515(cell),

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